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Welcome to Fort Atkinson Community Theatre!

Fort Atkinson Community Theatre (FACT) is a local community theatre group in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  We are a non-profit organization focused on bringing theatre to the local community and assisting local schools and charities.  Most performances are held in the Fort Atkinson High School Auditorium but locations can vary.

Annie is coming soon!

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Scholarship Recipients

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FACT presented its annual Comstock Scholarship to three Fort Atkinson students at awards night on May 23rd. This year's recipients are:

Jack Burlingame $400
Madeline Buchta $250
Hope Kapelke $200

Hope Kapelke is also the first recipient of the Bob Horton Memorial Scholarship ($200).

These students were selected for their involvement with FACT, strong academic achievement, and plans to pursue an education in the performing arts. Congratulations! We wish them all the best! 

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Annie Cast Announcement

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FACT Annie Audition Information

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FACT is delighted to announce auditions for our 2018 summer musical, “Annie”! 

Auditions will be held April 28 from 10am-5pm and April 29 from 1-5pm at First Congregational Church in Fort Atkinson. All levels of experience are welcome! Those auditioning must sing a selection from "Annie" and perform a cold reading from the script. If auditioning for a specific role, please familiarize with the song for that character (listed below). Here is the link to the songs:

Annie: "Tomorrow"Oliver Warbucks: "NYC"

Miss Hannigan: "Little Girls"

Grace Farrell: "I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here"

Bert Healy: "Never Fully Dressed"

Orphans: "Tomorrow", "Maybe", or "Never Fully Dressed"


Men: "Never Fully Dressed", "NYC", or "Hooverville"
Women: "NYC", "Little Girls", or "I Think I'm gonna Like it Here"

Boys: (choose the best for your voice)  "Maybe", "Never Fully Dressed", "NYC", or "Hooverville"

Performance dates for Annie are July 20-22, and 27-29.

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Cast Announcement for The Velveteen Rabit

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Youth FACT is proud to announce the cast of The Velveteen Rabbit!  

Performances are April 13-15 at Luther Elementary School. Ticket information coming soon!

The Velveteen Rabbit cast: Sahanna Ahmad, Lillijana Goeschko, Samantha Mallin, Ben Reeves, Kaleb Koester, Addy Nelson, Tessa Byrnes, Claire Griffith, Elsie Frey, Marcus Bielinski, Garrison Gustin, Hunter Davies, Phoenix Severin, Julius Bielinski, Megan Maas, Nadia Bynum, Willow Severin, Harmony Coy, Gavin Nsibirwa, Maximus Bielinski, Liam Grover, Rylie Neis, Annalis Goeschko, Autumn Kittel Phillips, Oisin Riedlinger, Aleah Ahmad, Emily Mallin, Jahslyn Bynum, Mikaia Boswell, Calvin Ficenec, Mara Manternach, Mickey de Groot, Maya Geiger, and Isaiah Kittel Phillips.

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