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Audition Announcement: 12 Angry Jurors

Posted on Monday, July 11 @ 09:56:03 MST by FACT-PR

NickDingman writes "

Summons for


By order of the Fort Atkinson Community Theatre you are hereby summoned to

appear for auditions at 10 am, on Saturday, July 23rd at the FAHS Auditorium.

CASE: 12 Angry Jurors

LOCATION: Fort Atkinson High School Auditorium

DATE: Saturday, July 23 rd
TIME: 10 am-3 pm

Show dates are September 23rd, 24th, and 25th

You will be asked to read from the script. Please familiarize yourself with reading

selections, which are available for viewing at

Men and women are welcome to audition. Must be 16 years of age or older.

If you are unable to appear for auditions, please contact

Katie Gundlach by phone: (920) 650-4298 or by email:

Memorization of lines is not required for auditions.

12 Angry Jurors: Character Descriptions

Foreman: Responsible for keeping the jury organized. Takes himself quite


Juror 2: Shy at first, then comfortably participates in conversation.

Juror 3: Must be male. Passionately prejudiced against the defendant,

presumably because of his poor relationship with his son. Frequently shouting.

Juror 4: Fact-driven and to the point. Serious and logical.

Juror 5: Grew up in the slums and therefore has some insight into the case.

Handles switchblade.

Juror 6: Happy to be out of work for the day. Painter. Sticks up for Juror 9.

Juror 7: Desperate to get to a baseball game and wants to get through the

discussion as fast as possible. Switches vote as soon as the majority changes.

Juror 8: Votes “not guilty” in the first vote and is met with much opposition.

Argues for the defendant throughout, wants to discuss the evidence in detail.

Calm and collected throughout, a thoughtful, quiet person. Handles switchblade.

Juror 9: Must be of retirement age. Admires Juror 8’s passion and quickly jumps

to defendant’s defense.

Juror 10: Bigoted, racist, and a fervent attacker of the defendant. Calls the

defendant “one of them”. Frequently shouting.

Juror 11: Immigrant watchmaker. Highly patriotic, and speaks highly of the

American justice system and the jury’s duty. Requires some sort of foreign


Juror 12: Constantly distracted from case. Flashy salesman who works for a

marketing agency.

Bailiff: Provides evidence pieces to the jurors during their discussion. Small role.

Judge: Speaks to jury at top of show. Monologue will be prerecorded and the

Judge will not be required during rehearsal process or at performances.

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