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Christmas Belles coming soon

Posted by admin on Monday, November 13 @ 18:24:23 MST (522 reads)


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Christmas Belles!

Posted by admin on Sunday, October 08 @ 20:06:07 MST (425 reads)

Howdy y'all! We are fixin' to start rehearsals for "Christmas Belles", a hilarious comedy about three sisters plannin' their Christmas program in Fayro, Texas. I reckon you'll love it! The show is directed by Kim Stachowiak, and runs December 15, 16, 17, 22, and 23. Stay tuned for more information...we'll holler when tickets are available!

Meet the kinfolk:

Geneva - Missy Defenbaugh
Honey Raye Futrelle - Jeannie Vechinsky
Frankie Dubberly - Becky Schultz
Twink Futrelle - Holly Lipper
Dub Dubberly - Scott Vechinsky
Gina Jo Dubberly - Kay Ebert
Rhonda Lynn - Amy Nelson
Justin Waverly - Cody Pritchard
Deputy John Curtis - Jeremy Winters
Raynerd - Rich Vurva
Patsy Price - Jill Winters

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"Once Upon a Mattress" Tickets on Sale June 17th

Posted by FACT-PR on Saturday, June 17 @ 06:49:33 MST (397 reads)

Anonymous writes "Tickets for "Once Upon a Mattress" will be on sale to the public next Thursday, June 22nd!!!!Tickets are $13.00 for adults and $10.00 for Students and Seniors. Seating is assigned so you will want to get your tickets early!!!!! 

Are you a Friend of Fact? Check your email for a special pre-sale code and get your tickets TODAY!

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We the People - the Musical

Posted by FACT-PR on Tuesday, April 04 @ 21:29:53 MST (1365 reads)

Anonymous writes "

FACT is excited to announce the performances for its upcoming production of "We the People - The Musical." This annual Youth FACT production will be presented April 22nd at 7:00pm and 23rd at 2:00pm, at the Fort Atkinson High School Auditorium.

This Patriotic tableau begins as a committee discusses putting on a patriotic show for their town. Just what does America mean to them? One person pulls out the preamble to the constitution, and they decide to use it as a framework for their show. Through a series of sketches and songs organized phrase by phrase from the preamble. They show not only how the constitution applies to our past, but also to our present and future. 

This Musical will serve as a fine reminder that the remarkable words written by out forefathers many years ago are still a living do[Censored]ent, part of our lives each and every day!

Performances will be held at Fort Atkinson High School Auditorium
Tickets $5.00, and available at the door"

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Christmas Belles - Cast Announcement

Posted by FACT-PR on Wednesday, October 12 @ 17:53:53 MST (842 reads)

Anonymous writes "We are excited to announce the cast of FACT's upcoming production of "Christmas Belles,"

Geneva - Melissa Defebaugh

Honey Raye - Jeannie Vechinsky

Gina Jo - Jocelyn McGurk

John Curtis - Jeremy Winters

Twink - Jodi Landowski

Dub - Scott Vechinsky

Frankie - Becky Schultz

Rhonda Lynn - Cheryl

Justin - Nikolai Vechinsky

Raynerd - Rich Vurva

Patsy - Jill Winters

"Christmas Belles" tells the story of a church Christmas program, in the small town of Fayro, TX, that spins hilariously out of control with squabbling sisters, family secrets, a surly Santa, a vengeful sheep, and a reluctant Elvis impersonator!

"Christmas Belles" will be performed at the Fort Atkinson High School Auditorium December 16th and 17th. 

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